The Meerkat Club

The Meerkat Club provides out-of-school care for children of primary school age before school, after school and in school holidays for parents who work outside of school hours.

Primarily the care is for children who attend Capel St Mary Primary School, but we can accommodate for children from other schools as long as transport is provided to the facility as we are unable to do pick-ups from other schools.

Within the club, the children are encouraged to spend some time on homework, but the time spent at the club is designed to be home from home allowing them the freedom to choose the various activities including crafting, playing board games, relaxing and spending time chatting to their friends and going outside to play in the childcare settings garden or on the schools large field which is behind the child care building.

The children from the club also have the freedom to help staff members with the younger children.

The children in the club are encouraged to use polite manners, and show respect to their fellow club users and to the staff and gain respect in return.

During school holidays we try to arrange outings away from the child care setting to make the time they spend with us even more happy and fun.