Learning Overview

Learning at Robin’s Childcare is fun and engaging for all ages; one day we will be making cakes, the next playing with jelly and baked beans, and visiting the Post Office to post a letter. We have four different rooms which are each designed for specific age groups.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which is the curriculum that was set out by the government in 2008 (updated in 2012) for all children from babies until it’s time to go to school.

The EYFS consists of seven main areas of learning:

  • Personal development
  • Physical development
  • Communication and language development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Expressive arts and design
  • Understanding the world

Here at Robin’s Childcare, our range of activities go beyond those of just the EYFS. Each activity is based on the individual needs and requirements of your child through observation and assessment.

Your child will have a key person who will act as you and your child’s link between home and the nursery. Your designated key person is responsible for your child’s care, development and learning. They will work together with you to help develop your child’s skills, creating a bond with them to help them that makes becoming accustomed to the nursery setting easier. They will see your child on a regular basis, observing and assessing them as well as recording their achievements. This is a very beneficial system that provides parents with a named person who knows their child really well and with whom they are able to discuss progress and learning with. Your child’s key person will use their knowledge of your child’s individuality, strengths and skills when planning activities for the day. They will be able to support, care and nurture your child, supporting them in any areas needed.

Read on below to find out more about each room and how they work.

The Baby Bears Room

The Baby Bears Room caters for children from three months to two years old. The Baby Bears Room can accommodate nine children at any one time which means that your child will receive the utmost in quality care and attention from our highly qualified team. Your child will be designated a key person (all of […]

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Toddling Tigers Room

The Toddling Tigers Room caters for children from two years to five years. Each member of staff in the Toddling Tigers Room team has an Early Years qualification. Our key person system means that our team get to know your child really well so they can plan to their individual needs and requirements. They will […]

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Pre-school Gruffalos

The Pre-school Gruffalos’ Room, complete with Teacher, caters for 24 children from three to five years of age for sessional day care. We run this in sessions of three hours which gives you the flexibility to choose the sessions that work for you and fit in with your family and work life.  These sessions are planned and […]

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The Meerkat Club

The Meerkat Club provides out-of-school care for children of primary school age before school, after school and in school holidays for parents who work outside of school hours. Primarily the care is for children who attend Capel St Mary Primary School, but we can accommodate for children from other schools as long as transport is […]

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Here at Robin’s Childcare we understand that it’s incredibly important to establish a healthy attitude towards food and that it plays a large part in your child leading a healthy lifestyle. We take great care to encourage the children to eat their fruit and vegetables and aim to incorporate the five fruit and vegetables a […]

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Starting nursery and moving up to different rooms can be very difficult times for you and your child. At Robin’s Childcare we realise that parents can be just as anxious of their child moving up to a new class or room so we make sure that this is a calm and stress-free process for all […]

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We regularly try to get out into the village, to go to the park or for a little walk, sometimes going to do a job like go to the post office or to the shops. We also like to attend the library for a little sing or to look at books in a different environment. […]

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Forest School

Forest School is an inspirational child led education process. Allows children to connect with nature over a long-term period, the Forest School provides a real sense of adventure and an opportunity for a child to show their passion and strengths in a unique way. The child is at the heart of our sessions allowing them […]

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Curiosity Approach

We are currently so excited as we are working towards the Curiosity Approach accreditation and hope to complete this soon. The Curiosity Approach is a beautiful recipe book of all the great pioneers in Early education. Reggio Emelia, Waldorf Steiner, Maria Montessori and the curriculum of Te Whariki in New Zealand, all these great educational […]

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