Forest School

Forest School is an inspirational child led education process.

Allows children to connect with nature over a long-term period, the Forest School provides a real sense of adventure and an opportunity for a child to show their passion and strengths in a unique way.

The child is at the heart of our sessions allowing them time to follow their own curiosity and interests with the support from the Forest School Leader and other teaching staff.

There are plenty of ‘teachable moments’ across the sessions, ensuring children are developing holistically and are receiving a rich learning environment.  This is done through exploration and practical hands on discoveries.

Through a carefully planned and supervised environment, the children build confidence, resilience and communication skills.  Children learn how to assess their own risk.  We climb trees, build dens, whittle sticks, use real saws and hammers and even enjoy cooking marshmallows over a campfire.

Mud play, craft making, bug hunts, hammocks, rope swing, games and singing are all popular learning experiences too.

At Forest School all activities are risk assessed, the adult to child ratio is reduced meaning a smaller number of children attend a session.  This allows adults to really get to know children’s strengths and interests, which all support the child’s exciting learning journey in their pre-school years.  

Just as each child is unique, this is true of our forest school sessions, as no session is ever the same.