Curiosity Approach

We are currently so excited as we are working towards the Curiosity Approach accreditation and hope to complete this soon.

The Curiosity Approach is a beautiful recipe book of all the great pioneers in Early education. Reggio Emelia, Waldorf Steiner, Maria Montessori and the curriculum of Te Whariki in New Zealand, all these great educational thinking stirred together with curiosity awe and wonder.   At Robin’s we have moved away from the use of plastic toys and electronic gadgets. Although technology is a marvellous thing, we feel children are losing the ability to think critically. We provide pockets of magical intrigue, enticing children to explore and investigate, to learn through creativity and imagination. To create opportunities for learning and development through mindful interactions with responsive caring staff. Our approach aims to inspire children to be the thinkers and doers of the future, to enable them to lay down fundamental and critical foundations for future learning. Teaching skills for life! At Robin’s we view the child holistically teaching them through their heart and soul and not just information. Robin’s is a place of utter magic and wonder where children are loved and nurtured to reach their full potential.