Here at Robin’s Childcare we understand that it’s incredibly important to establish a healthy attitude towards food and that it plays a large part in your child leading a healthy lifestyle.

We take great care to encourage the children to eat their fruit and vegetables and aim to incorporate the five fruit and vegetables a day into our menus. We offer variety in the meals and promote healthy eating by providing lots of choice. We ensure your child gets a good selection of calcium and iron-rich foods which are great for growth. The staff at Robin’s Childcare will encourage your child to eat healthily and try new foods whilst avoiding fizzy drinks and sugary snacks.

A healthy balanced diet will benefit your child in many ways:

  • Helps improve concentration
  • Aids proper development and growth
  • Provides energy and strength
  • Establishing healthy habits at a young age encourage them later in life

We aim to make food as fun as possible and provide weekly cooking activities like making sausage rolls, ice cream sundaes and bread rolls.

We accommodate for varying dietary and allergy requirements and will provide a meal to fit with these needs. Our meals are on a four week rotation and designed so that all the children get to experience different types of food.

Weekly Menu Example

Morning SnackRitz & RaisinsTUC & CucumberRice Cakes & AppleBreadsticks & TomatoCrackers & Pear
Lunch MainSausage Pie & Mediterranean VegetablesTuna Mousse with Salad and New PotatoesCreamy Chicken with Roast Potatoes & Fresh VegetablesMeatballs & SpaghettiSalmon & Broccoli Bake with Peas & Wedges
Lunch DessertIce CreamOrange FlanLemon MousseFruit TartTrifle
TeaSpaghetti on ToastAssorted SandwichesBeans on ToastCrumpets & MuffinsWraps
Club SnackPlatter & DipsSausage Roll & Fruit PlatterHam or Chicken Finger Rolls & GrapesFruit Loafs with Crisps & DipsPizza Kebabs

FOOD a fact of life : This website is a great free resource for children (3-16 yrs) and adults that promotes healthy eating. It has a wide range of activities for all age ranges from the British Nutrition Foundation 2013.