Mrs Martin, Capel St Mary

Robins gave my daughters a fabulous head-start in their learning.  The way Robins taught early phonics and number, complemented perfectly the learning and teaching style they have experienced in Reception.  Even though they were very young starting Reception, they were well prepared and more than ready to take on the national curriculum.  My daughters each had a different person in charge of their learning journeys, but both members of staff work diligently and professionally with the girls, meaning each received both a structured, yet personal approach to their learning and care.  Each girl had a plan structured around them as an individual, which can be very difficult when dealing with identical twins.  Robins went out of their way to find out how the girls felt about being kept together and doing things apart.  One of my daughters turned out to be left handed, and instead of this being viewed at all as a problem, without a moment’s hesitation, the learning was geared towards her being taught how to form letters and numbers in a way that was comfortable for her.  This has made a huge impact on her progression at school.  I am very pleased to report that both girls are now working with children a year older than them for their reading, writing and number.  When I had any personal concerns about the girls and their emotional development, the staff at Robins were always attentive, patient, a kind ear and never intrusive.  Their frequent updates and openness about how the girls could best be supported further at home, made a real difference in my girls’ learning.